Spiritual Development

In the universe Man comprises of body, mind and Spirit. Body will grow when we will supply food to it. Mind will grow when we will supply knowledge to it. Spiritual development takes place when we supply Godly information to him. We are trying to give spiritual education so that they develop in right path to reach the God and his dwelling place.

Our achievements

  • Serving people at a small village called “Nallaregulapalem” which is 30 Km from Visakhapatnam

  • Serving people at a slum area in Vishakapatnam, where he used to proclaim the Gospel on every Wednesday. 1995

  • God gave an opportunity to upgrade himself in theological studies by completing Master of Divinity in Asian Theological Association, Bangalore.

  • God directed to do services in a village called NEELAKANTHAPURAM which is just 23 KMs from Visakhapatnam city. There God gave a House and directed him to name it as CARMEL. In that house we used to gather 9 village pastors every month to pray for the every Villagers Salvation by name. They used to call that fellowship as CARMEL PRAYER FELLOWSHIP.

  • God extended his services from Village to village and finally it became difficult for him to maintain both Gods service and his Job. By the permission from God to leave his Job he resigned on 1st Feb 2008.

  • God gave him another Village called “Mudapaka” where one young boy of 15 years got miraculously healed from his sufferings. They got baptized by him.

  • God provide a church near by at “Govindapuram”. He constructed a Church in the year 2010 in the village with his own money and started communal meal (Lunch) on every Sunday, so that the members coming to church will prepare and serve food to others.