Adult Education

Literacy is the light for the human life. To have a comfortable living the light of literacy is most essential. God wrote the law himself and explained it to Moses for better and healthy living. Our vision is to educate the people so that they will see the light of life.

  • We have approached Literacy India Trust, Chennai, for Adult literacy programme in the rural Villages

  • We got allotted Adult literacy project by Literacy India trust, Chennai.
  • Pastor NUTON ISRAEL NICODEMUS has attended PO's Training camp at Chennai on 03rd and 4th Feb 2011.

  • Mrs Rama Kumari, Miss Aruna Kumari, Mrs Prasanna, Mrs Jyothy and Miss Neela Veni have attended Animator training at Nellore, Andhra Pradesh from 15th Feb to 18th Feb 2011 along with project Officer Pastor NUTON ISRAEL NICODEMUS.

  • The project is commenced from early March to End December 2011 (for 10 Months)